Author of the Month; Marlon McCaulsky

From A Writer’s POV had the pleasure to interview a very special author. Marlon McCaulsky is featured as Author of the Month.  His books were published through Triple Crown Publications; a well known publishing company to those of the Urban Literary world. Join us as we get the wonderful opportunity to get to know the author.

So down to earth and in love with his craft, I started the interview by asking Marlon to tell us about him outside of being an author. “Well, I’m just your average Joe. At least I think so. Only difference is that I have a pen. I’m married. I’m a comic book junkie. I love to hang out with my friends and having a good laugh.  I’m a music and movie junkie too. My collection of CD’s and DVD’s run deep.” He laughs. “I draw a lot of inspiration from music when I write my stories. I love bringing lyric’s or themes to life.”

Years ago, his wife Sheena put a bug in his ear to get started in writing.  At first he wanted to write screenplays but then the screenplays turned into short stories and then novels.

Read the full article here:

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