Release Date Event: Jaye Murphy

Jaye Murphy
Author of: “As my soul prospers” (poems and shortstories)

Book released on: December 2010

About the Author: I am a 33 y/o wife and mother of two beautiful children, residing in Tuscaloosa, AL.  I’ve always had an immense love for reading and a vivid imagination for writing.  Writing is a very strong passion for me, always has been.  I started writing when I was only 7 or 8 years old.  Over the years, my desire for it waxed and waned.  Even when I wasn’t writing, there was always a tug at me to do so.  So here I am, two books later, sharing the ministry that I believe to be God ordained.

About the Book: Plagued by spirits of brokenness, bondage, inner rage, sadness, ostentatious fear, defiance and self indulgence; these are all emotional displays of my life that have kept me in bondage.  Take this emotionally jolting voyage with me and see the intensity of my openness and willingness to share aspects of my life as I soon begin to walk a walk of humility and translucency while releasing myself to show a myriad of vulnerabilities and imperfections in hopes that my readers find familiar stories that they can relate to and grow from.  A growth that ultimately begins and end with the soul.  Though initially unaware, it will be found that there is a great disconnect with God and me; now trying desperately to figure out how to give Him complete and utter control my mind, body and spirit (without taking it back the moment things got rough or better even).  Take this journey with me as my soul begins to prosper. 
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