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From A Writer’s POV is always looking for new ways to help authors, writers and business owners.  Becoming a Sponsor through our “Authors Package” helps us help you in getting your business where it needs to go.

The Authors Package is a package we put together for our contest winners of our seasonal contest. We gather promo items from business owners and authors such as yourself and put them in a package to our winners.

Being a sponsor costs you nothing. You simply send us whatever you want us to include in our package and we make sure it’s in there.

Becoming a sponsor is ongoing. So be sure to let us know you are interested in becoming a sponsor on an ongoing bases. With this feature, we will contact you every time your promos run out so that you can send more.

To become a sponsor, fill out the info below. Copy and paste it into the body of an email and send it back to us. Depending on what your information tells us, you will receive a mailing address to ship your items to and other info.


Please NOTE: We will only accept promo items from authors and business owners who provide a literary service

Your Name:

The Name of your company:

Link for your company’s website:

What type of service do you provide?

What type of items are you interested in sending?

Your email address:

Phone Number:

Interested in becoming a sponsor:

On an ongoing bases?


Copy and paste this information into the body of an email and send it back to us at:


From A Writer’s POV


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