Question of the Week

“What normally motivates you to pick up your pen and start writing?”

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3 thoughts on “Question of the Week

  1. When I have been awaken for the second time with a scene running through my head… or when a random song spurs dialouge or narratives in my mind… It would be anything…

  2. I think because writing originated as a hobby for me that I really didn’t have or need any outside motivation. It was what I loved to do so my love for the craft was motivation enough. However since I’m getting ‘out there’ (in the lit world) I’m finding that other writers and people like you (pov) plays a great part in my motivation. Thanks for keeping me doubley motivated!!! (Is doubley a word?) Oh well! I guess that comes with being a writer. WE MAKE UP STUFF!

  3. I agree Mizz B. I’ve been writing so long that sometimes nothing takes for me to pick up my pen. I could just want to write something. Thanks for the posts ladies!!!

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