Hot Topics; Black History Month

Happy Monday!

Last month, I didn’t get the opportunity to talk about Black History Month due to the Winter Author’s Campaign. A lot of our inspiration as authors comes from those of the past. We study their work, their success and careers and look to be just like them or better yet, make a stamp in the literary world just like them.

I learned a few years back that Rosa Parks and I share the same birthday. I’ve never been one to want to make changes like she did but I have learned about her and respected her as I did so many that have come before me. When my birthday comes around, I not only think about February, Black History Month, I think about Rosa Parks personally and the things she did for black people.

Getting a tad off topic, 🙂 I thought it was interesting to share a birthday with her.

But as many authors experience so much in this literary world, our  motivation, drive, passion must come from some place. Even though Black History was last month, I want to know what person of the past (any race; man or woman) has influenced you and your work? What is it about them that gets your attention?

Before we end today’s blog…

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