Author of the Month; Allison Edwards

A native New Yorker born and raised, Allison is a mother of two sons. She enjoys crocheting, listening to music, reading and of course writing. She’s also a poet but has yet to publish her first poetry book. “I love poetry because it doesn’t have to “rhyme”. It’s an expression of how you, yourself are feeling and you can make it anyway you want it to be. It is inspirational and a true expression of how we feel as people about love, life and a variety of emotions that we go through on a daily basis”

Her first novel began as a few lines expressing how she felt about a romantic situation that she was in and then it progressed into a story and soon thereafter a full fledged novel. “Many don’t realize that a story idea can come from one thought and create a masterpiece.” But Allison says from time to time she still writes poetry but right now her focus is on fiction writing.

Allison “Essence M” Edwards is what she calls herself. Every author that has a pen name, has some meaning or story behind it. “When I first wrote my novel “Broken Promises Never Mend”, it was published under a pen name which is “Essence M’. I had to explain to people that I was the author and they didn’t believe me. I didn’t want to be “out there” as an author and then realized if I wasn’t I couldn’t take credit for all the wonderful people touched by my work. I then decided to not only re-edit my book and change the cover to make it more “commercial” but I also added my full name to allow people to know it was me. “Essence” is the tail end of the name “Illumnnessence” that I literally dreamed up and is the imprint of my publishing company that I use for my book. M could mean anything and some days it means MONEY or MOTIVATION…. most days it means MADNESS” She laughs as she answers.

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