Hot Topics; Borders….Bankruptcy!!??

It has been a while. Yes I know. The Winter Author’s Campaign has come to a close. The Spring Campaign will pick back up in May. Right now we are taking submissions for the campaign. Check out our website at

Anywho, I like to use my Monday’s for Hot Topics. Coming fresh off of February, I have lots to talk about.

First, I’m sure many of you have heard that Borders filed for Bankruptcy. In January, I read an article on them closing stores and that bankruptcy was near. On February 16th, the CEO  sent out a mass email about the Bankruptcy to rewards members. (I know because I am a rewards member)

In the email he talks about how WE won’t be affected. But truthfully it does affect US (authors). I’ve been reading posts from authors such as Zane and Terry McMillan about how this will affect the AA Authors and writers.

Borders is one of the biggest book stores to sell books. Our economy must really be in trouble. But I’m not here to talk about the economy. I want to know how this news affects you as an author. Are they closing a store near you? Are physical books becoming extinct? Will every reader have to turn to ebooks?

Give your feedback, opinion etc on what this is going to do to the Literary World as a whole.

Before we end today’s blog…

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