Book of the Month; Deuces Wild by: Jean Holloway

Becoming a Published Author all started with a bet from Jean’s sister. She dared Jean that she could write a book being that she loved to read so much. Within no time, Ace of Hearts, the first book of The Deck of Cardz series was born. “I’m winning!! But it’s funny, Lori (my sis) said I bet you could write a book & I said I bet I can, so we were both right!” Jean tells me that her sister is her biggest supporter although she’s not much of a reader herself.

The Deck of Cardz is a HOT series and anyone who loves Mystery and Suspense is going to love curling up with all three books.  Jean’s latest release, Deuces Wild is our Book of the Month; the third book to this chilling series.

Black Jack, the book before Deuces Wild, ended with its main character finding her happily ever after. Jean tells me that she wanted to please her fans. She felt like Shevaughn had experienced such heartbreak that she felt as though she deserved happiness.

Shevaughn, being so head strong since Black Jack, does things her own way. After reading the book, readers find out exactly what situation Shevaughn is in and how head strong she truly is. With a case that takes the readers for a roller coaster ride, the audience is forced to side with the case or Shevaughn’s well being.

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