Cover Story; Developing a Series in your Story

A good love story doesn’t have to end with a happily ever after. Nor does a horror story have to end with the villain being killed. There’s always some way around continuing a story.

A series has become popular in the literary field. Authors are choosing to turn their creative story into a series that continues for several books.  In the literary field, a series is a collection of books with one common story and characters.

We talked to several authors about their series; asked several questions surrounding their reasons for publishing a series.  In the end, each author ends with the same thing “To be continued”

The suspense of a “to be continued” always keeps the reader/viewer coming back for more. But it’s not always the “to be continued” that catches the readers/viewers eye. Sometimes it’s what’s said in between.

Some authors write a story and then after the book is finished they decide to continue it into a series. Authors like RL Taylor, author of the Royce Tyler / Champagne Series believes it’s easier to write a series opposed to creating a new story.  

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