Annual Winter Writing Contest Winner!

This is From A Writer’s POV 2nd Annual Contest.  Our theme for the contest was “The Best I Ever Had” and the submissions had to be based on the best they ever had…anything.

After a deep consideration, because all the submissions were great, only one person came out a winner.

The winner for the Winter Writing Contest is Michelle Robinson. Congratulations! She’s won a month of recognition and a goodybag courtesy of From A Writer’s POV.

About Michelle: Michelle Janine Robinson’s first novel, Color Me Grey, debuted June 1, 2010 and has enjoyed great success. Her next novel, More Than Meets They Eye, is a return to her erotic roots – with a paranormal twist – and will be available, June, 2011, wherever books are sold. Michelle has contributed several short stories to editor Zane’s erotic anthologies, including Purple Panties, Honey Flava and Caramel Flava, and her short story contribution “The Quiet Room” was the first featured story in the Times bestseller Succulent: Chocolate Flava II. Michelle is also a contributor to the oral sex-themed anthology, Tasting Him, with her story “A Tongue Is Just A Tongue,” edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Michelle recently put the finishing touches on her third novel, Serial Typical, also being published by Simon & Schuster and slated for publication in 2011. Michelle is a native New Yorker and the mother of identical twin boys.

You can learn all about Michelle and what she is working on next on her website at

 You can also find Michelle at  or follow Michelle at 

Read the winning poem

“The Very, very best,”

By Michelle Janine Robinson

Whispered sentiments flowed from his lips

Clung to my essence, lubricated my soul

Mouth-watering honey dripped from his tongue

Comingled ravenous desire nourished my heart

Smoldering eyes devoured my form

shaped my spirit, released my inhibitions

Well-written passages emanated through his fingertips

Enthralled by his story, induced me to climax

Herculean hands gently stroked my longing

My button blissfully coaxed, his expertise showered me

Granite pecks lingered teasingly above me

Fired up my anticipation…and I floated on the edge of release

Powerful legs cast in chocolate dreams

Spread open, laid bare

Ass muscles tightly clenched sought liberation

Feverishly enslaved by lustful urges, we clung

Toes curled in earnest clinging to the final moments of nirvana

Honesty leaked from tightly wound vessels

Passion emanated from every orifice

Measured heartbeats that once beat in time

Ecstasies treasured as a ghost that slipped away

Once upon time we were locked and bound

Despite Lustful, frantic screams that filled the night

And vocally uttered emissions that lasted throughout the days

Words spoken yesterday today and tomorrow in earnest and in truth

Will never falter and will always ring true, for the truth never lies

And he, above all things….was the best I ever had


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