Does your Book Synopsis/Blurb Sell your book?

Some say the most important part of your book is the cover. Yes, this is some what true. But how do readers know about your book by just the cover and title. It’s the blurb and/or synopsis that tells exactly what readers are going to read about.

The blurb, is the part on the back of the book that readers read to know what the books about. It’s a short 2-3 paragraph section that will decide if the reader will purchase and read. The title and the cover, get the reader’s attention. But the back of the book will have the last say. If you are an author, ask yourself, does this blurb sell my book? When readers read this, will this book make the reader want to sit down and find out what happens?

The synopsis is a bit longer than the blurb. The synopsis is a little more detailed but not as much that it will give out what will happen. The synopsis is used in press releases, events, promotions etc. Ask yourself, does this synopsis sell me book.

Now at the end of the day, your blurb/synopsis, will not sell your book on it’s own. If you believe that then you have a lot to learn in the literary field. But when you are not around, standing in the section where your book is sold screaming “BUY THIS BOOK” Your title, cover and blub must do it for you. It must not give away so much that the reader already knows what’s going to happen but enough to entice them to want to know more.

So ask yourself, does your blurb/synopsis sell your book?

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