VIP with Dominique; How to Know What Not to do

Blogtalk radio has become so popular in the last few years. More and more people are giving and getting interviews through blogtalk radio shows.

A lot of people are nervous about doing this. Maybe the fact that it’s like you’re on the radio and millions can hear you others are simply nervous that they are on the phone talking with someone.

Listening to blogtalk radio interviews can help you overcome your nervousness. Listening to them can help you see exactly how a show flows.

Most shows are 30 minutes to an hour. The host asks you questions about you and your book and work. The easiest way to sooth you is think of it as if you are on the phone with a friend J

A lot of times we don’t’ make the time to get to know other authors. But reading interviews, attending events, listening to blogtalk radio shows, reading articles, all of this can help you know what not to do. So look into your community and see what author events are going on.

Ger prepared for your first interview or find better ways to handle an interview

Straight from the Diva


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