Winter Author’s Campaign; Bob Zehmer

Bob Zehmer-Author of: “KIF, HASHISH FROM MOROCCO”

About the Book: Kif, it’s a non-fiction book consisting in a reportage about hashish trafficking from Morocco. The work emphasizes all consequences related to this criminal phenomenon, such as connections with hard drugs smuggling, mafia-style associations, money laundering, and even more alarming settings.

Routes, bribery, fight against crime, mafia-style organizations, connections with hard drugs, money laundering and even more disquieting world scenarios 

A trip among the illicit traffics and the main characters in an ongoing foul play. 

You will unlikely find such impressive information about hashish, drug-trafficking, economic backstage and interviews with traffickers and police officers, all rallied in only one book so clearly expressed and direct.

About the Author: scholar of economics and social sciences – is an independent economist and works as a business consultant for various companies in Europe and America.

Very fond of literature and rock’n’roll, he published the novel Blue Opera Rock in 2009 and the long poem Gist & Zest in 2008.

Zehmer is always on travel, and when he gets the chance to stay he lives in UK, Spain and Italy.

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