VIP with Dominique; “Too Successful to Help?”


I recently had someone come to me about starting their own project.  Basically, she wanted to start her own magazine and was asking for my advice, tips and resources. Hmmm, I thought. I own a magazine myself. After great detail in her project, it seemed very familiar to what I was already producing.

Now in a situation like this, only two things are going to happen. You help that person or you don’t. I chose to help them. This person asked about the resources I use to create my product and bring it to light and ended the email with I’d love for you to write for my magazine as well.

In this business you aren’t going to find too many people who have climbed the ladder of success to look back and help others. That’s just the way it is. Sad but it’s true. People aren’t about helping others as they used to be and now a days people are doing any and everything to stay on top and keep people from taking their place. That’s just simply not the way to go.

In business, we must learn to help others. You never know when you will need help. One thing that eats at my skin is people who get far in life but don’t use their success to help others.

I remember in my early days of being a writer and author, I would email me people, join groups asking for advice and tips on this and that and no one would help me. (That’s how From A Writer’s POV got started) We don’t’ make it in this world alone. If you believe in God than you truly believe in that last statement.

Sometimes, it’s not always about “us” sometimes we learn things to help the next person come through the situation a little easier.

Think about that the next time someone asks you for help!

Straight from the DIVA


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