Cover Story; The Battle of the Sexes Release

One thing that From A Writer’s POV has been known for all of these years is catering to authors, writers and business owners.  One person has taken over the whole theme of our magazine in a different way. That is Don Savant.

From A Writer’s POV is releasing its second collaboration this month “The Battle of the Sexes poetry Edition”. Put together by Don Savant. Don is heavily active in From A Writer’s POV. His role for the past two years has been helping those with the love and passion of writing to get their work in the public eye.

The first published book under Don’s belt was “From A Poetic POV” which was published in 2010. He gathered a few poets from the From a Writer’s POV Network and put together a book that basically spelled out the meaning of our magazine “From a Writer’s POV” Every Point of view in the book was different and unique. Read the full story at

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Don’t forget..Purchase your copy of the February Edition by going to and clicking on store!

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