30 questions About Publishing a Book

In this ebook, I cover about 30 questions that are asked when writing and publishing a book. This book is a quick read but can be refered to several times throughout your writing process. In this blog, I have included one question I have answered as a sample. If you are interested, purchase the book by clicking on the orange banner to the right.

“How should I start my book?”

My answer is always to figure out where you want the story to begin. I also ask, have you done an outline? Most writers make the mistake of just writing and easily getting writers block or coming out of the writing season before they are ready to. If you formulate an outline first you will have a path of where the book will go. Not all writers follow their outline but it helps.

You also need to ask yourself who is going to tell the story. First Person, Second Person, Narrator (Third Person)

Also, is it necessary to start at the end of the story and then recapture the events that got you to the end? Or should you simply begin at the beginning and tell the story?

Do you want your story to start off with a lot of drama, if so what will the drama be? What will set the story off to keep readers interested.

When trying to figure out how you want to start your story, start asking yourself a lot of questions and then you will know how to begin!

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