The Rise and Fall of an Established Author; Preview

This introduction comes form an ebook I recently released earlier this month.

“Being Self Successful”

As we see so many times in the music industry, artists hit the waves hard; with a bang and the public loves them. Their first CD/Album is a number one and everyone knows their name. The second CD/Album hits stores and things are practically the same. This artist couldn’t get any better and then somehow they fall off the market. They’re not as hot as they used to be, the public either loves them and misses them or has completely forgotten about them. Some way they must redeem themselves.

All this is the same in the literary world. We publish books, the people know our names but sooner or later they forget about us…and we are the only ones to blame.

In these articles I’m going to give you the inspiration as an established author to get back up on your feet and Redeem yourself!

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The Preview of 30 Questions about Publishing a Book

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