VIP with Dominique; Knowing your Competition Part 2

There are several companies around that provide a service like From A Writer’s POV. We don’t copy other companies. What we do, mimics exactly what our tagline says, “We cater to authors, writers and business owners.” Although some features may be the same as other companies, we don’t do what they do.

It’s important to know your competition. Not for copying reasons but to know what they’ve done to get ahead. What resources they’ve used that work. You also want to know about your competition to know what to stay away from.

A good example is the Apple Products. The iphone is mimicked by several different companies. These products may look like the iphone but they don’t operate like the iphone. There’s something in that product that makes it different from the others. These other companies, Sprint, Verizon, could not make a product exactly like the iphone. The iphone is copyrighted. But Sprint and Verizon know their competition. They know the release dates of a new product, what it might look like, what the engineers might do to make it different. All this inside information they can find out and take the time to find out because knowing your competition is important.

You can’t run a business without knowing a little history on your competition. I’m sure Burger King knows all about McDonalds.

So take some time to get to know your competition and learn them for all the right reason. Don’t copy what they do, but find out how you can expand better and beyond what they do by simply watching and observing.

Straight from the DIVA


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