The Publisher’s Choice; Black Jack

About the Author:  The daughter of an early entrepreneur, Jean saw the only limitations you have are the ones you put on yourself. In the early 60s, her father owned his own cab in NY, which was unusual for a Black man armed with a tenth grade education.

 Jean’s debut novel “Ace of Hearts” started in 1980, in answer to a bet, yet it wasn’t published until 2007. Her story’s moral: Never give up your dream.

Jean now lives in Kennesaw, GA with her husband, Fred and their dog, Kayla. Their six grown children all live nearby. They have eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

About the Book: Shevaughn Robinson has gone from the cop everyone doubted to the “golden child” of the Portsborough Police Department.

When Helene Elliott is found dead from an apparent suicide, the police department is pressured to take on the investigation. The Elliott case awakens a complicated relationship with someone from Shevaughn’s past.

Will her attempts to move forward inadvertently lead death to her front door yet again? 

Get ready, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

 Dominique’s Review:

Another page turner!!! Jean has done it again. Black Jack was awesome. Black Jack is the second book is Jean Holloway’s series “Deck of Cardz” and she steps it up a notch with this book. We meet Shevaughn again but with a new case that accidently or coincidentally meets with her past. Jean writes chilling scenes as if the reader is there with the character and leaves them in suspense and wanting more. It’s one book you can’t put down and is a tad better than Ace of Hearts. Jean hasn’t finished with the “Deck of Cardz” series. Even though Black Jack is only the second book the series, it will blow you away!

Purchase your copy today!

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