Hot Topics; Pressure of Crossing Over in Genres

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I’ve got another great topicsto get you through this monday!

I recently crossed genre’s.  A lot of my followers were a bit surprised and judgemental. When I first started writing my books, they were inspirational and then, I went into Christian Fiction. After Christian Fiction, came poetry. Then I did a collaboration with a soon to be author in a web series that was Urban Fiction.

At first I was a little iffy about doing it but I felt a desire. I wanted to reach people in all genres.

Don’t be so small minded that you can’t expand your writing box. You can cross over to different genre’s. Keep in mind, that you might not have the same fan base, but you will get  noticed and recognized by someone. This type of move has to be personal and for me it was. A lot of my followers only wanted to read inspirational and felt that’s where I should stay. But as I say to a lot of writers, are you writing for yourself or others. Me? I write for me and self pleasing. If I write for everyone else, I will be writing to please others and not myself. You have to please yourself some times.

 So I took the leap of faith and I still got a lot of people who loved my work and couldn’t wait to read more. I recently interviewed an author that had a worldy topic in her Christian Fiction book. She states that a lot of people couldn’t believe she had the nerve to have this worldly topic in her Christian Fiction Book. When you are a writer/author believe it or not once you build a fan base, they put you in a small box with high expectations and if you don’t do as they feel, they have no mercy on you and will treat you like the dirt off their shoe. This is why I constantly say, write for self.

We can’t live to please others or we’ll never be happy.

If you are thinking of dipping into another genre and you feel it is a desire of yours and you’re worried about what other people will think or say, the best thing to do is put your best foot forward and take the leap. You’ll always wonder if you don’t try.

Rappers and singers do it all the time. One minute you hear a rapper rapping and then the next he’s singing. Some people float from R&B to Rap, from Rap to Pop. Take a leap of faith and push forward! It doesn’t hurt to try!

So  my question to you on this Monday is “Is there a genre you are interested in trying but haven’t had the nerve to try? If so, what genre is it? What’s keeping you from taking the  leap of faith?”

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