VIP with Dominique; Don’t get lost behind your PR

So many authors believe that it is a good thing to have a PR. I do too. I do believe that it’s important for us to have a professional to push or book as well as ourselves; someone who knows the field and the people.

It’s important to know that PR’s can’t do everything for us and we must have some type of knowledge of where our work is circulating and with who. We should never get lost behind our PR’s.

Yes PR’s conduct business with people who are interested in us. They set up speaking engagements, events, book signings, etc. They even deal with emails and phones calls. But ask yourself, what do you deal with? Do you simply listen to your PR when they say you are to be here and there and this time and bring this and do this? Don’t you think you should have a little say so or a little insight on what’s going on and what they are planning for you?

Don’t get lost behind your PR; constantly having people go through your PR instead of you talking to them first hand. It’s not good and some people like to meet and greet those who they are dealing with before they actually conduct business. In my opinion, it’s unprofessional and you’re giving off a vibe that you are too good to be dealt with directly. I personally don’t want to talk to your PR. I’d rather talk with you whether it’s through email or phone call. If doing an interview or report on the person, what you are saying is only facts, nothing personal or from the heart because you truly don’t know this person. Only what the PR has told you.

My advice to authors and business owners, don’t always hide behind a PR. Get out there and get to know the people who are interested in you and let them form a true, honest opinion of you by talking directly to you and not a voice for you!

Signing Off,



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