Ebook Feature of the Month

Have you ever had the feeling while sitting around the house, that someone is watching you? Even stranger, the house itself is watching you? The saying, “stranger than fiction” comes into play in this suspenseful and eerie eBook tale of a Manor that has a life (or death) of its own.

Our eBook Feature of the Month 314 Crescent Manor is the creation of Author M. Jones, who takes the readers of this sci-fi/horror/dramady web series on haunted house ride between the decaying walls and the unsettling floors. The things that go bump in the night may not be what you think it is. The knock that you hear may not be from anyone (or anything) that you know. Uncover your eyes to see the eventful and supernatural challenges that the Manor put its tenants through.

This feature is in the Print Version Only. Purchase the December Edition at www.fromawriterspovmagazine.com click on store!

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