Hot Topic; Holiday Rush

It’s been a while! I haven’t had the time to get the Hot Topic’s going each Monday. The Author Campaign’s have been taking up the space. But I do have one free mont to talk about whatever it HOT right now in the literary world. First thing first, the holidays!

The Holidays are right around the corner. Money is being spent, plane tickets are being purchased, rental cars are being rented, family is preparing. There’s not a better time than now to get the creative juices flowing on another great book. Yeah right! Most of you might say. But it’s true. When you go through a period of busyness, your most creative thoughts come out (This is why it’s good to carry a pen and notebook with you)

While riding on the plane, think about your character. While filing the car up with gas, what could the vilian do next. It’s down time for you physically, but your mind is always at work.

One hot topic I hear all the time is,”I never find the time to write” We must MAKE time. Time doesn’t find us especially if our lives are busy. We must find it. So when you are packing your luggage next week to get ready for the dreadful family time 🙂 Be sure to bring your notebook, pen and other writing materials if currently working on a book.

I always end my hot topics with a question..instead how about you ask me! What concerns do you have over the holiday concerning your book, business etc? Ask and I’ll advice as best as I can!

Happy Holidays!!!

Tomorrow on The POV Lounge…..

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