VIP with Dominique Knowing How to Give a Good Interview

One thing I’ve done over the years is interview people. I don’t do interviews over the phone. My interviews are through email in questions. But one thing I have noticed over the years is that people truly don’t know how to give interviews.

For one, if the interview is about you, talk about YOU. Don’t go into details about your business or other things unless it’s asked. Sometimes interviewers have a specific goal.

Don’t be too short or too long. Get to the point but say enough. Don’t leave the interviewer wondering….ok…what else? That’s it? Don’t tell your life story either.

Be on time to the interview. If it’s a place where you need to go be early.

If the interviewer has requested you respond to an email of questions by a certain time, get it on your to do list pronto!!!

Even though you may not in a professional environment everyday, you still need to be professional!

Straight from the DIVA


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One thought on “VIP with Dominique Knowing How to Give a Good Interview

  1. Hi Dominique! Discovered your blog through Blog Jog Day.

    I also do email interviews and I completely agree. The interview is an artist or author’s opportunity to shine. So don’t respond to a thoughtful question with a one word answer. And for goodness sake, with an email interview you have all the time in the world to think about your responses and use SPELL CHECK. Please do! Bloggers will love you for it.

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