VIP with Dominique; Knowing your Competition

Do you know about those that are in the same business as you? Do you know about the writers that write in your genre? Have you researched those that are in the same category as you? If you haven’t, you should.

For one, if you are a writer, it’s good to read in your genre, especially best seller. Find out what they are doing to get their books in more stores or have more appearances. Research! If you are in business, find out what that business owner does to bring in more customers. Why are these clients more interested them? These are things you need to find out.

Now, I’m not saying go snooping around and get dirt on them. I’m saying pay attention to those who are ahead of you. In reality, they are in a place where you are trying to get and you are trying to find out how to get to “your” place in that line of work.

So know your competition. Read the books of those that write in your genre and know what that business owner has done differently to get ahead. Make it motivation and inspiration for your own drive!

Straight from the DIVA


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