Book of the Month; “The Illusions of Everything Sacred”

This month, From A Writer’s POV Book of the Month is “The Illusion of Everything Sacred” We sat down with the author Queenetta Ross-Davis and got to know her and the book. Join us as we spotlight the book of the month, “The Illusion of Everything Sacred”

 “The Illusion of Everything Sacred” is a dramatic episodic fiction about ordinary people being exposed to or placed in situations in their relationships that compromises their ability to think…sensibly, and to react rationally. The evolution in Queenetta selecting a title that accurately reflects the novel was quite natural in respective to the storyline. The Illusion of Everything Sacred summarizes the deception many fall prey to in their own relationships.

Read more about the book here and how to purchase it!



Tomorrow on The POV Lounge…

Author Spotlight with Daya Devi-Doolin

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