Author Miaisha Interview; FAC

 Join us today as we speak with author Miasha; She is apart of the FAC Campaign.

Dominique Watson: What is the story behind your current book?
Miaisha: The story behind Front Street is the main character, Anisa, finding her life spiraling out of control in a whirlwind of lies and deception.  Because of her unhappiness, she surrounded herself with snakes in the form of friends.  When she realizes she cannot control her relationship or her husband, Anisa finally has the courage to let go.  Instead of taking the time to learn how to love and discover herself, Anisa embarks on a journey of lust with Lincoln Masters.  As we all know all that glistens isn’t gold and Lincoln holds true to this fact.  Once all of the players in the web of deceit are revealed, Anisa is left fighting for her life as her story unfolds on Front Street.
Dominique Watson: What inspired you to write it? 
Miaisha: Probably my main inspiration is my fascination with the dynamics for human relationships and the many twist and turns that happen within one’s lifetime.  What we may consider an unimaginable aspect of living, there are people living certain things out everyday.  Whether they chose to share what they are going through is another story.  I love having the ability to turn an ordinary story into the extraordinary.  Being able to tell an extraordinary story is what will keep me writing.     
Dominique Watson: What mistakes did you make with your first book that you will avoid the next time around?
Miaisha: There were several mistakes I made.  The most important being the editing.  I paid several different editors to handle the editing of my book, which still has problems.  I’ll find and research a highly recommended editor who has handled several books instead of the fly by night people who are editing as a hobby.  The biggest of my mistakes was going to with a small, unknown publishing company who was just starting out.  I thought we would be able to grow together, but one of the co-owners left, there were communication problems, lack of proper marketing, and I made the vast majority of the sells.  Although, I am a first time published author, I should have either shopped around more or self published.  Having a lawyer look over any contract that is presented is a valuable investment.  Always pay attention to the obvious red flags and run in the opposite direction.  These few things were the most notable mistakes.      
Dominique Watson: What is something you would like people to know about you as an author? 
Miaisha: I think more than anything I would like people to know that I am a highly visual person.  The way my mind works is whenever someone is sharing a story with me, I can picture everything they are talking about.  Whether my interpretation is correct, that’s another story, but the things I am able to see are amazing.  When I write, stories play out in my head like a movie and all I do is interpret what I’m visualizing.  The slogan from the United Negro College Fund, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”, is one of my mantras.  I’m an advocate for recording my thoughts, visions and possible storylines for my next novels. 
Dominique Watson: What has been your experience in being an author? 
Miaisha: Being an author is an amazing experience.  I have been able to inspire and encourage the many people who have thought about writing.  I keep telling them all it takes is taking the first step by putting something on paper or typing the first sentence.  If they have the drive and determination, they can do anything.  The feedback and reviews from people who have read my book has been extraordinary as well.  Everyone has said they same things.  It has either been, when is the next book coming out or when am I going to make Front Street into a movie.  All I do is receive what they say, show my gratitude and keep on pushing on.  The most exciting part for me are the face to face sells.  I love talking to people.  Selling my book to what some would think isn’t a strong market for my genre, which are men, has been the most interesting.  When I tell them my book isn’t a romance or a love story, I immediately have them hooked.  Turning the on to the juiciest parts of the books help as well.  The hustle and grind keeps me on my toes and has opened many doors for me as well.

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