VIP with Dominique; What Professionals don’t tell you

Many of us have called a business dealt with human resources and got the worse service possible. I know I have. Well switch it around. I’m sure there are plenty of people who have dealt with the worse customers ever. J I know I have too.

We get off the phone with them and scream and shout how we hate this, I’m gonna call their superior, I’m gonna cuss so and so out and then we run and tell the first person who will listen about the customer service we received at so and so’s place. But…what do the employees say about us?

In my line of business, I’ve dealt with a lot of unprofessional people. I would be here all day explaining to you about the people I’ve dealt with and I can honestly say as a professional, sometimes we have to take a moment and say “What the World?” “What were they thinking?”

Professional’s must be professional in business; no matter what. We can’t go off on anyone. We can’t speak our minds. We must be professional. 

But what are professional’s really saying. In the literary world, I can tell you exactly what they say.

  1. How can a writer send an email as if he/she is talking to their homegirl/boy?

Ex. “I was emailin’ to c if u gone let me feature my work n ur book?” (WHAT!!!!!) How can you call yourself an author/writer but this is the type of email you send to a professional who you want to consider your work….ok NEXT!

  1. I am not your friend. Please do not address me as a friend. Starting off an email to someone with “Hey Girl” “Hey Hun” “What’s good bro’” (Wait a minute…Did we grow up together) UNPROFESSIONAL.
  2. This person just cussed me out because I demanded they pay for their share of the work. Even though it said in the agreement they had to pay, I’m still getting cussed out (Now this I cannot stand…people who say they are going to do something and don’t.) UNPROFESSIONAL

Ok that’s enough of that. I’m cracking myself up over here. But seriously, these are the types of things people say. You think you are doing a good job by what you said, how you presented yourself but in reality, the person on the other end is laughing at you in disbelief. Not only that you are amusing them and they already know they are NOT going to hire you, work with you or even deal with you.

It’s like filling out an application for work and you say your name is “Boo Boo” cause’ that’s what they call you around your way. You have amused the manager/owner even though they know after reading this, they will not hire you.

So here’s some advice. If you are a writer, please don’t type how you write. Matter of fact, if you are not talking to your homegirl/boy don’t type how you write at all. Be a little professional. Don’t make someone’s day by sending crap to people. At least try to show you have some sense.

Straight from the DIVA



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