Fall Author’s Campaign; GPA Book Spotlight

The Greatest Poet Alive is the author of the best-selling poetry novel entitled, THE CONFESSIONAL HEART OF A MAN, which was written in august 2007 in a span of thirty days and released March 22, 2009. He is also the founder of the poetic website, www.iblowyourmind.com . Marc hails from Chicago, Il and is a graduate of Chicago State University with a Bachelors of Arts in English. Currently, he is a member and founder of the LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY POETS, whose mission is to bring poetry back to prominence.

Marc formed The League of Extraordinary Poets in May 2009. He calls his league The Three Man Weave composed of Kelechukwu Brnfre, The Messenger Kevin Boens, and The Greatest Poet Alive.

Book Title: “The Confessional Heart of a Man”

The Confessional Heart of a Man is a book for poetry lovers as well as individuals who occasionally delve into the world of poetry. My book was written in a time and place where one wouldn’t think poetry would exist, in prison. The confessional Heart of a Man starts off with the illuminating ode A Thousand Times, my favorite poem in the book and one I routinely perform. In The Confessional, I touched on several subjects which has separated it from other books of poetry which usually have one subject matter. The poems speak on love,lust,racial issues,incarceration,growing pains,AIDS,and odes to various family members. The Confessional Heart of a Man has similes,metaphors,hyperbole, but it goes beyond just the use of literary terms and punchlines. My book is hard hitting,in your face poetry. There isn’t any mincing of words which translates into clear messages. The Confessional Heart of a Man is a best selling, critically acclaimed book of poetry that has proven that it is an excellent read. I’m positive that if you review it, you will feel the same.

 Purchase this book today: www.iblowyourmind.com


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