To Rush or Not to Rush, that is the question!

There are several reasons why we wait so late to write another book. Some authors like to publish a book every year, some like to wait several years, some put out books every couple of months. It depends on the writer.

There is no particular time to put out a second, third or fourth book. It’s totally up to you unless you have an editor or publisher breathing down your back, waiting on you to bring them new material.

There’s truly no need to rush yourself. When you rush your book, your audience wont be happy and most of the time your audience is not another writer and they don’t understand how long it takes to birth another book or how precious time is when writing it.

Our audience will tell us over and over again, bring out the next one, when’s the next one coming. Don’t fall for it. Write on your own time at your own pace and put out great work!

Before we end today’s blog…

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