Business Owner of the Month; Micheal Armstrong

This month’s business owner of the month is Michael Armstrong; owner of the M&S Publishing.

M&S Publishing was born out of necessity in 2008 in Spring, TX a north east suburb of Houston, TX. After his wife insisted that he use his talents to help others who may be having problems with publishing, Michael A Armstrong started studying about publishing companies, publishing software, marketing promotion, website building and entrepreneurship. In this vast market of book publishing, anyone can try to sell you an affordable package they feel will fit your budget. However, that package may be just a bit out of reach and if you really can’t afford it, it’s not affordable. At M&S Publishing, the Dream is a Reality. Because it’s not only affordable, you can have your book in hand and ready for market, in a very short period of time. Because we take your dream and design it very professionally, send it to print after your approval and have it ready for you according to your satisfaction, along with marketing and promotional tools. Relieving you of the headache of what to do, how to do it and what to do next. With a number of titles under its belt, such as short stories, poems, cook books, children’s books and novels, M&S publishing believe that anyone should be able to be published no matter what your status, income or literary achievements.



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