Fall Author’s Campaign; GPA Interview

We sat down with some of the authors and asked a few questions about their books and careers in writing. Today we are interviewing author GPA.

What is the story behind your current book? The story behind The Confessional Heart of a Man is that it was a cleansing experience to write it.When I wrote it in 2007,I was incarcerated for tax fraud,so it helped clear m head and relieve a lot of stress. What inspired you to write it?Everyday life,my life,other people’s lives inspired me to write The Confessional Heart of a Man.Plus I’ve always written poetry and been told that I needed to write a book.I believe having “time” allowed me to finally do that.

What mistakes did you make with your first book that you will avoid the next time around? I promoted backwards.I publicized the book before it came out,which was prudent.But what i didn’t do or know was to set up more than one book signing,as well as having reviews done before the book actually came out. 

What is something you would like people to know about you as an author? I would like people to know that being an author of poetry is just as important and takes as much skill as any other genre of author.And at this time,I have two other books ready for publication,a book in Spanish,and a book I’ve co-authored with erotic short stories accompanied by my poetry entitled The Chocolate Rose.

What has been your experience in being an author? My experience as an author has been a shock to the system.I thought you write the book,then publish the book.But it is so much more than that.And there are many people that have written books or writing books,so it is very competitive.

Besides being an author what other part of the literary world would you like to dabble in? I would to review books as well as publish books at some point.

Outside of family members, who or what gave you support in becoming an author? There wasn’t a lot of support for my book aspirations initially because a lot of people who are incarcerated always say that they will write a book.So it wasn’t until I proved my mettle that people outside of my family started to come around.

As of this writing, i am currently involved in The Poetic Unsub’s 30 Day Poetry Performance Challenge.What this entails is me performing poetry whether live at venues, on radio,or the creation of videos of me reciting poetry for thirty days straight.This started on August 21.Also, I begin the Unsub Tour which starts in Detroit Michigan at Sweet Epiphany’s September 5th.

GPA will be featured here again on October 18th, 2010


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