Fall Author’s Campaign; Miaisha Book Spotlight

Miaisha “Mimi” Middleton was born in Tacoma, Washington. She spent most of her adolescent years living between there and Southern California.  

Miaisha’s tour in the Army and her military influenced life gave her many events and experiences to write about.  It was her college professors who taught her how to fully use her craft.  Her love of writing and storytelling expertise allows her readers to go on one fantastic journey after another; many of which she considers to be, “The Misadventures of Mimi”.

 During what she considered her Art Renaissance, Miaisha uncovered a glimpse of her creative genius with new discoveries being made every day.  In addition to being a published author, she is an accomplished artist and jewelry designer.  She is absolutely amazed at all of the possibilities life has yet to uncover and uses this ability to weave webs of intricately woven bits of nonfiction into every story.  Her well practiced writing motto is, “Every story can be turned into the extraordinary.  How far are you willing to push it?  Now, jump!”  This mantra has allowed Miaisha to share the endless possibilities of the human psyche and how we all can truly identify with her characters.

 She is a cool wife and outstanding mother of three boys.  Her personality is echoed by her quick-witted humor and writing style.  She and her art renaissance are reflecting light in Fredericksburg, Virginia with frequent trips to Richmond, VA and her alumatter, Virginia State University.



Book Title: Front Street

About the Book: Anisa finds her life spiraling out of control in a whirlwind of lies and deception.  Because of her unhappiness, she surrounded herself with snakes in the form of

friends.  When she realizes she cannot control her relationship or her husband, Anisa finally has the courage to let go.   Instead of taking the time to learn how to love and discover herself, she embarks on a journey of lust with Lincoln Masters.  As we all know all that glisters isn’t gold and Lincoln holds true to this fact.

Once all of the players in the web of deceit are revealed, Anisa is left fighting for her life as it unfolds on Front Street.


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