The Writing Season Preview…Part Two

We are continuing today with The Writing Season Articles. Sunday, we previewed part one. Today we are previewing part two, “Concept” I have turned all of my articles into ebooks. That can be purchased for a very low price to the right. If you feel like the writing season articles can help you in your literary career, purchase the full articles!

“The Writing Season Part Two” “Concept”

The dictionary says that a concept is an idea or thought; abstract notion. This is how a writer gets into the writing season, they develop an idea.

In the stage of Concept, a writer will ponder on the idea that they have come up with. Say for instance a writer comes up with a storyline about a young wife who loses her husband in a tragic accident. The author would need to figure out other storylines to go with this idea.  What might happen to this wife? Who will tell the story? How will the story begin? What other characters will be in this book? When faced with questions like these, the writer should build a character profile.

Stay tuned to Part Three “Formatting”

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