The Writing Season..Preview

This week I am Previewing the Writing Season Articles. As you know I have turned all my articles into ebooks and they can be purchased right here on The POV Lounge to the right.  So today we are starting with The Writing Season Part One. These writing seasons have helped several people get back into writing and finish a book. So preview these articles this week and see if they can help you.

“What is the Writing Season?”

The reason that this article is called “Seasons of Writing” is because most story writers develop great storylines over time. We may have a notebook full of ideas but only one or two of those are formatted into a story at a time. Once the story has been told, we lose interest in the process of writing because of the long journey it took to birth that last book. Like pregnancy, most women wait two to three years before having another child. It takes about that long to birth another book; including publication and production.  After a while, the “itch” to write again comes back and you are back at square one.

Stay tuned on Tuesday as we preview The Writing Season Part Two “Concept”

Tomorrow on The POV Lounge….

FAC featuring author: GPA

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