Question of the Week

“What book have you read recently that has motivated you to move forward with your own book?”

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday for another Question of the Week.

Tune in tonight for another Authors and Writers Meeting. All are welcome. We’d love to meet you! RSVP right now!

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4 thoughts on “Question of the Week

  1. Its not so much a per say that I’ve read that has been my inspiration, its the literature and tips that I’ve been reading from seasoned authors. The Writing Seasons by Dominique have been a great help to me that I have just finished writing my first novel and are currently seeking an editor to have it looked at before I go forward with self publishing. I’m really excited that I finished it and I have currently started on the second novel. So, all of the Seasons by Dominique have been and are very helpful.

  2. You’re welcome Dominique and I will make a note to attend the meetings regularly. I was also looking at the September issue if the magazine and may have a editor…your business spotlight person for this month. Going forward is nervous and exciting. Thank you for POV.

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