The POV Lounge Drawing Spotlight; Brandi Jenee

The POV Lounge started a new feature on it’s blog. I am now spotlighting authors and writers for onwe week through The POV Lounge Drawing. Each month authors and writers submit themselves into our drawing and one person is picked for a week of exposure. This week we are spotlighting Brandi Jenee. Spend the week with us getting to know the author and following her all week on various social networks and websites.

About the Author:  Brandi Jeneé was born and raised in San Bernardino, California. After graduating from Rialto High School, she attended California State University, San Bernardino where she received a bachelor of arts in sociology (2001) and joined Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. In the fall of 2004 she moved to Georgia and in May of 2007 she received a master’s degree in social work from Clark Atlanta University. In 2009,

Writing has been Brandi’s passion since elementary school, when she wrote her first short story about a little boy who lost his friend due to a car accident. Brandi never considered a career in writing because she believed in the misconception that writers do not make money; however, Brandi eventually realized that when a person works at doing what they love everything else will follow.

Pursuing her dreams led to the creation of Realize Media Group, LLC (RMG). DIA Productions and Wilson Publishing are divisions of RMG. Brandi recently produced her first feature film Elusive Love, which is based on her debut novel Illusions of Elusive Love. She is now working on promoting her second book, The Playground Whore, and adapting the book into a screenplay. In addition she is writing her third novel, My Name is Sin.

Today we are following Brandi to her blog spot, “Journey Through Writing and Producing”


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