Waxing Poetic; The Inner Dominqiue

I was spotlighted on The Cafe Vibe a few weeks back. Darryl Mims, Admin of From A Writer’s POV runs our Open Poetry Cafe and he decided to spotlight me. I am placing it here below. If you are interested in a spotlight on the Cafe Vibe, check out www.fromawriterspov.webs.com

We have all seen the Multitask Queen in action:

~CEO of the AAMBC Online Magazine of the Year, From A Writer’s POV~

~The author of five books~

~A daily blogger…giving tips and advice on everything that’s literary~

~A co-host of a weekly online meeting for authors and writers~

~A caterer to so many authors and up-and-coming writers~

~A crocheter…a jewelry maker…a loving wife and mom~

There is so much we see on the outside of Dominique Watson that we get lost in the whirlwind of her tasks. With an impressive array of multitasking, Dominique can read and respond to her e-mails, write up a few articles, post her daily blogs, talk to clients, schedule upcoming ads, eat breakfast, and hit the gym before San Diego’s morning rush hour is over. Not to mention, getting online with me to go over our plans for the week. She was recently featured in Pen & Profit$ Magazine on her success.

If you look real close, you can see the wheels turning as Dominique thinks of ways to better her business. At times, when she is not talking, she may be quiet on the outside, but in her head, there’s a vortex of ideas circulating for position for the next task at hand. You can also see how her thoughts are always on her family…giving them the majority of her time, which is incredible, considering how much she gets done.

But, there is a deeper perspective to Dominique Watson: The Inner Dominique.

This is the poetic side of her…the side where instant thoughts turns into great poetry. This is her non-working side. Her Diva side. The side only few people see. As with her ways to quickly get the job done, Dominique can quickly write a poem from a dream, from an observation, or from a just plain ol’ idea popping into her head. When she is like this she is “in a zone”, and there’s no stopping her from writing.

 “Writing is my stress reliever…if I can’t say it to release the tension then I write it.”

Writing is what she does best, and she has put a lot of her release into a collection of poems in her book “The Tension Reliever” – Volume 1. She is also a contributor to the newly released “From A Poetic Point Of View”.

We leave this blog with the deep look inside Mrs. Diva’s poetic world…one of her many poems of The Inner Dominique.

Diva Status

Change the color on my nails every other day
Black, pink, lime green, or French manicure for my boo; sexy like he like
Different color purse to match the shirt that matches the shoes that match the belt that matches the hat; doing me like I like
Jewelry you’d never seen before; ain’t even sold in stores
Make up? Sometimes but it’s not needed.
A little cocky? So be it!
Don’t spend a minute in a hair salon or nail shop.
It’s all mine
no lifes drama could make me stop
Love every inch of my body; even the part that sticks out a little more from childbirth
Just a little more for her daddy to hold on to
I can hear your nose flare up at me over the phone
I can read through your texts that you hate me
it’s a strong word; this I know
but the energy you put into that word comes straight to me
and allowing me to be so powerful
…..is dangerous
God didn’t give me a spirit of fear
So with you around I keep it clear
365 days a year
Dont get mad because my man provides
Don’t be jealous of my status
Simply get like me
and you could be as happy
Then again there is no one like me
So you would be SOL anyway
on my DIVA status shit…The DIVA    

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