Guest Speaker; Daya Devi Doolin-Publishing

Today we have a guest speaker. It’s been a while since someone else has graced us with their presence ūüôā so today we are sitting down with Daya Devi-Doolin and she will be speaking about Publishing.

Dominique Watson (DW): How are you affiliated with publishing?

Daya Devi-Doolin (DDD): I founded and formed a small press publishing company in 1989. I have given free advice to several would be authors during these past years and steered them in the right direction.  They have been very grateful. 
DW: You’ve published a book before, how has your experience in publishing been as an author?
DDD: Absolutely quite fulfilling, satisfying and worthwhile.  I travel cross country as a Speaker and Author, been a TV/Radio guest many times, been reviewed, interviewed for magazines and won awards for the information offered in my books that has been very inspiring for readers to change their lives.  The experience has also been a confirmation for many readers that they are on the right track.
DW: What are your do’s and dont’s when it comes to publishing?¬†
DDD: People want the easy way out and vanity and other like-¬†forms of publishers have to be really scrutinized, and scruitinzed again by you.¬† If it doesn’t feel right, that’s the Holy Spirit speaking to you and you really need to heed the intuition capability you have and move on or talk to friends or find out background of the publishing company.¬† Do your research about publishers at libraries or go Online for answers to your questions and ask again of experienced authors what they think or know.¬† Listen.
DW: What are some common mistakes made in publishing?
DDD: Deciding to agree that a Print On Demand Publishing (POD) company can sell you your books back, making a profit off your books that you wrote and buy back from them and sign a¬†contract that says you are “stuck” for 7 yrs with them.¬† Where does that decision feel good for you to you, within you?¬† You have to align with your vision in a Godly way and put God first and foremost in the plan and desire given you by God in the first place.¬† You aligning with the Will of God cannot make you unhappy, unsatisfied, displeased or unfulfilled in any way.
DW: How would a person get into the publishing business? What would be the steps?
DDD: Get your DBA Doing Business As Р(Your Name as The Name of Your New Company.).  Advertise it in the Legal Notices Section of hometown newspaper.  If there are no leans on your property or bill collectors seeking you out to pay overdue bills, you get the go ahead within 3 days to open your bank account with your DBA company name.
Take the Legal Notice ad you took out in the newspaper which in most cases cost $11-$15, to your bank with you as proof of starting your business.  If you want a fictitious name for your business, you must file with the state a fictitious name form and pay between $35-50 and then place that notice in the papers for the same fee as above.
Go Online, sign up with R.R.Bowker after you get your DBA Doing Business As – (Your Name as The Name of Your New Company. and they will sell you a list ISBN Log numbers for you to use in each book your new company publishes.¬† Look up what ISBN means and how it works.¬† With their catalog of Books in Print you get to advertise for free that you now have books in print (once that actually happens) and libraries, bookstores, etc. will be aware of what’s new to look into. This gets you started.¬†
DW: Give your personal advice and tips on publishing.
DDD: Let your passion take you to the place that is already designed for you.¬† Your idea to start a publishing company already entails all the answers for you as you travel along with the above steps.¬† Many surprise packages await you as you tackle each step, each opportunity.¬† You may find after all that, you were led on the path you never knew existed for you and it’s taken you on a better and brighter path but you wouldn’t have found it if you hadn’t decided to take it in the first place.¬† So, give thanks and be grateful for everything, for every little gift you find along the way because these gifts are diamonds and emeralds in disguise.
I thought Daya gave really great info for this blog and being that we just had a Publisher’s List go up on Saturday, I think this fits right in.
Before we end today’s blog…
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2 thoughts on “Guest Speaker; Daya Devi Doolin-Publishing

  1. Thank you very much for the opportunity to share with POV subscribers Dominque! I am sure this will be very helpful to many. I have said before how grateful I am that you are fulfilling your purpose and passion here and it’s a Divine site. May God continue to bless you as you bless others with your talent and love.

    Richest Blessings,
    Daya Devi-Doolin,
    Award-Winning Author The Only Way Out Is In Show

  2. Thank you to Daya Devi-Doolin for that insightful interview. I just learned a bit about being a publisher. I not at that stage yet, still trying to get my novel finished but, the information was helpful regarding the experiences with POD and the step by step into publishing information you gave. Thank you and thank you to POV for interviewing Daya Devi-Doolin.

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