The Publisher’s Choice; Magically Delicious

About the Book: “Magically Delicious” contains healthy homemade recipes as well as semi-homemade recipes. Believe me when I say that living healthy doesn’t mean nasty or tasteless food; it means you have to use your imagination to come with new and exciting alternatives. Fresh herbs are great when cooking healthier, they add a kick that will wake up your palate, and turn your cooking in a whole new direction.

About the Author: Felicia Martin began writing in 1981, never really thinking about being published than, but continued to write for years. In 1996, with encouragement from her mother, Felicia entered her first of what would be many poetry contests. She has won several entries into numerous anthologies, but she’s always had the dream of her own book. Now thanks to hard work and many blessings she has 2 books and a journal. Felicia is a mother of three lovely children, three grandchildren, three beautiful nieces, one great-niece, and one very supportive sister. Felicia lives in a small but growing town in North Carolina called Salisbury. She attends church as often as possible, because she knows where her blessings come from. Felicia has many hobbies which include reading, writing, photography, jewelry making, but cooking is her passion. Felicia’s one regret is that her mother didn’t get to see her books become published.

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 The review for this book will be posted on The POV Lounge,, and on August 27th, 2010

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