The Publisher’s Choice; Blue Opera Rock

Blue Opera Rock by: Bob J. Zehmer

About the Book: Rock music is the central character in Blue Opera Rock. Driven by music and narrated with stunning rock lyrics, the book sings the praises of living a joyous life, all while enjoying peace and freedom. 

To the beat of a world existing in perfect harmony, Blue Opera Rock introduces Jarod, a man of the arts. As Jarod is flying home to Barcelona, he hears music and reflects back on his life, including time in raucous 1980s London. 

Although Jarod loves music, he’s also sensitive to social problems, opposing exploitation of any kind and dreaming of a future world free from all forms of tyranny. His vision is of a united world for all people in a socially just society. 

Let the music take you into another dimension and offer a totally new spin on politics, as all the problems of the world are set to a rock beat.



About the Author: Bob J. Zehmer wrote this novel about rock and roll and its implications on social issues because he believes democracies are frail and always at risk. He bases many of his characters on acquaintances. Zehmer lives in Spain and Italy and has started on his next book. Author Bob J. Zehmer (1964) independent economist specialized in business engineering and international business networking. He is an impassioned supporter of civil liberties and scholar of philosophy of law, and, never to omit, very fond of rock and roll.

He started writing at 13, mostly poems, rock lyrics and short stories. He published his first book in the 2008, Gist & Zest, a long poem about the derangement of our advanced societies and the neglected underdeveloped world. He lives in the UK, Spain and Italy due to job matters but it’s quite difficult to find him in a permanent place as he’s always on travel and fetching around to discover new writing subjects. Blue Opera Rock is his first novel where he faces bravely up with burning current questions of highly delicate political relevance. Now he’s finishing his next book, a non-fiction work, focused on a particular issue of a rough criminal context.

ISBN: 9781608609765 


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Dominique’s Review:

“This book was different from what I normally read, but I loved how the author brought the characters together and drove me into the story and into a different setting. The author brings you into a deep story that begins at an early age for the characters. Great Read!”

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