Hot Topic; When are you going to get back to writing?

Starting next Friday, I will be bringing VIP with Dominique to a blog on our magazine From A Writer’s POV. But now you will get up close and personal with me every Friday. So be sure to tune in to that. But of course I will remind you 🙂

Anyway, It’s Monday and that means another Hot Topic!!! I haven’t had the time to pick up a pen and get up close and personal with my books. I’ve neglected them but all for a good cause; the magazine. If you’re like me business owner, writer, author, mother, wife, friend, sister etc something gets neglected every now and then. You have to know how to priortize in order to stay on track. So I’ve easily slipped off my writing hat and been CEO for some time now.

Yesterday I got a tweet that basically said, when are you going to get back to writing? I hated to say I don’t know because I really don’t know. My time is caught up with so many other things and the only way I’m going to have some down time is if I get sick and if I’m sick I don’t want to write. So, to answer their question….I just don’t know.

But don’t get discrouaged if you have to put the pen down and don’t have the need to pick it back up. It happens some times. That doesn’t mean you don’t have the love for writing anymore. It just simply means that you are not interested at the moment, you are busy or you just got other things going on and don’t have the time. It happens. I know pretty soon my itch for writing will come back and when it does…..ya’ll better get ready!!

So to my readers..what has happened recently in your  life that caused your interested in writing to be blocked?

Before we end today’s blog…

From A Writer’s POV is looking for ebook writers and inspirational writers to be featured on our print magazine. Are you interested? Please email us at Please DO NOT leave a comment about the feature in this blog.

Signing Off,



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