How Important is it to Develop your Character?

VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough.  It is very important to develop your characters. It’s also important to develop your characters before you do your outline. A good story is not as good if you don’t have a strong character.

Writer’s make one common mistake, they write before they organize their thoughts and develop their character. Another mistake writer’s make is focusing on the story first before focusing on the characters. Writer’s fail to bring their characters to life before writing the story.

It’s hard to resist the pen and paper; the computer to get the story out. But it’s smart to wait and get things together so that when it’s time to write you’ve got everything together and you’re ready to get down to business.

I stated this on a Group Chat I had last week for The Writer’s Workshop. This is the order I write my book:

1. Come up with s story and get my concept in order

2. Create my characters and do a character profile

3. Write an outline

4. Write the book

I know it’s disappointing to write the book last but it’s the best way to go. Writer’s run into traps and get stuck and then can’t figure out how to get out of it. Sometimes it’s because the character is not developed enough and you have to know what the character would and wouldn’t do.

So if you are in the middle of writing your book, please devlop your character enough. Jot down your great storylines and scenes that you want to happen but focus on your character. If you have a sorry character in your book, the book will be sorry too. So develop them good so they can bring out a great story!

I also use a character profile to create my stories. If you are interested in receiving this character profile please click Contact Dominique and email me. I will send the document to you.

Before we end today’s blog…

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Signing Off,

Dominique Watson


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