Hot Topic; Get in where you fit in

It’s another Monday and another hot topic. So did you enjoy the two weeks of exposure we did on Toshia Shaw and Jean Holloway? They are extraordinary authors and I felt like they were the best pick for exposure while we celebrated four years of publication. Don’t forget that we are giving away a free goodybag all month to the person that knows From A Writer’s POV the most. Info on this can be found at There you can also find info about our newest release “From A Poetic POV”

But today it’s Monday and we must discuss another hot topic. “Get in where you fit in”

There are so many authors, writers and business owners that pass up good interviews, reviews and features because they are trying to get on the fast track to the top. This is not the way to go. You can easily miss out on a great opportunity because your standards are too high; you will only deal with certain companies etc. Get in where you fit in.

If someone is interested in you, that’s a good sign! Grace them with your presence and let them feature you. Don’t pass them by because you are waiting ona certain someone to notice you. That author, publisher, producer may never notice you and here you are just waiting in the wind while several companies have already approached you and kept on moving. Get in where you fit in. Wherever there’s place for you, place yourself there. Small groups, big groups, meetings, befriending someone, joining a place that up and coming etc. Get in where you fit in. Don’t wait on the big fish, play around with the little fish for a while and eventually you will get with the big fish!

Before we end today’s blog…

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