Jean Holloway Author Spotlight Week

Today we feature Jean’s article on “Black Jack”

Author Jean Holloway is back with her second book “Black Jack” As Book of the Month, we are getting the inside info about her new release and how it’s been the second time around.

Book of the Month is “Black Jack” It is the follow up of Ace of Hearts. Jean explains her writing process in completing this book “It went rather smoothly once I stop fighting my characters and let them do their thing. In fact, even the editing was less painful because I worked with folks who understand my goals. Considering I hadn’t written anything in almost 30 years and this was the first time I wrote on a computer, I’m especially proud of this novel and myself.”

Now I can’t believe it took Jean twenty-seven years to write “Ace of Hearts”. Makes you wonder how long she had the “itch” to write and publish the second book. I’m writing a book every couple of months. She gives us details on how this book came about. “When I ended “Ace of Hearts” I set myself up for a sequel. I just didn’t know it would take me 27 years to get “Ace” published. “Black Jack” is the story of a predator whose only motive for murder is money and the continuation of Detective Shevaughn Robinson’s life and career. It’s also a tale of revenge.”

I love suspense. I’m curious to know who we are going to meet in this book.  “If you read “Ace” you’ll be glad to know most of my characters continue in “Black Jack”. Shevaughn, Jared, Ariel are all from “Ace”. My idea was to show the readers how each character matured, so you feel you’re actually getting to know them up close and personal. I also introduce a couple of new characters who are now in Shevaughn’s life.”

“Black Jack” is the second book of a four book series, “Deck of Cards” Series. So be on the lookout for more from this author.”

I asked Jean how she comes up with her storylines and make the people in her book come to life, “I try to tell my stories from all points of view, the protagonist, the antagonist and sometimes the victims. You’ll see how Shevaughn is faring in the quest to get on with her life and find love. You’ll also get to meet another serial killer who is quite different from the one in “Ace”.

Of course promotion is the key to a successful book. Jean has been doing a month long tour with Dana Pittman of Nia Promotions called “Banned from Vegas” She’s also had a couple of personal appearances in Houston and Atlanta but is currently sticking to virtual promotions.

She’s done a few book signings. She gave us a little detail on her experience. “I find the ones I’ve done at malls haven’t had the attendance they once had. I think less people are going to the malls to shop. I like events where several authors are participating. I find they are more intimate and enjoyable. Maybe it’s because the people that attend are all readers or aspiring authors, so they’re really interested in the literary process.”

So what are people saying about her book? People are rushing for book three. I’m not surprised this book has an awesome concept. She says in her own words, “Readers are genuinely interested in what’s going to happen next and where I’m going with this one. You see, “Ace” was meant to shake you up and get your attention; it was a bit perverse and violent. “Black Jack” is smoother and borders on the supernatural.”

Let’s support Jean! “Black Jack” was published in July of 2009. You can purchase “Black Jack” at:, and all major online bookstores like,,

Jean has so much going on I don’t know how she gets everything done. But she has a few events coming up she’d like to shine a little light on. “I’m attending a “Writers’ Day Out” Saturday at the Fulton County Library, March 13, 2010, hosted by Gail McFarland and I’ll be at the “Get Lit White Party” in Houston May 22nd. Then there’s the “Fall into Books Literary Conference” in Kansas City, MO, Sept 17th to 19th.  My schedule is pretty open since I’m planning to attend events to promote “Coffee Confessions”, an anthology of stories written by TL James, Darine Davis, JaNese Dixon, JA Adams, DeiIra Smith-Collard, LM Blakely and me. It’s due to be released in May.”

I didn’t let Jean get too far without asking her to give a little advice to other authors. “I always laugh when folks ask me that since it took me 27 years to get published, but don’t expect some large publishing company to come and scoop you up.  Look into alternatives; small presses and independent publishers. Investigate all your options including self-publishing.”

I couldn’t agree more! From A Writer’s POV wished Jean much success with her book and the books to follow.

About the Author:  The daughter of an early entrepreneur, Jean saw the only limitations you have are the ones you put on yourself. In the early 60s, her father owned his own cab in NY, which was unusual for a Black man armed with a tenth grade education.

 Jean’s debut novel “Ace of Hearts” started in 1980, in answer to a bet, yet it wasn’t published until 2007. Her story’s moral: Never give up your dream.

Jean now lives in Kennesaw, GA with her husband, Fred and their dog, Kayla. Their six grown children all live nearby. They have eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

About the Book: Shevaughn Robinson has gone from the cop everyone doubted to the “golden child” of the Portsborough Police Department.

When Helene Elliott is found dead from an apparent suicide, the police department is pressured to take on the investigation. The Elliott case awakens a complicated relationship with someone from Shevaughn’s past.

Will her attempts to move forward inadvertently lead death to her front door yet again? 

Get ready, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Before we end today’s blog…

Word from Jean’s Reviewers

Ace of Hearts can be classified as a romantic murder mystery or even an erotic thriller. Jean Holloway’s debut novel took me on an amazingly fast ride. More than once I couldn’t put Ace of Hearts down and kept on reading until late at night. This author knows how to keep a reader enticed! She kept me on my toes throughout the whole book.
“The story takes place in early 80’s in Portsborough, New York. It is almost nostalgic to read about the characters that didn’t carry cell phones, Blackberries, MP3s, etc. Mrs. Holloway takes us twenty years back as easily as if it was yesterday.

“The characters are well developed and the plot is full of twists and turns. The protagonist, Shevaughn and her boyfriend, Tony are very likable. I instantly felt drawn to both of them. There are plenty of graphic scenes for which I wouldn’t recommend Ace of Hearts for those faint at heart.

“The romance between Shevaughn and Tony develops quickly and becomes sensual and charming. Although I found myself quickly drawn into their bond, I couldn’t enjoy serenity and/or sensuality of it for too long. There was always another nerve-wracking, gut-twisting, disturbing murder scene lurking around every corner.

“This book is followed by the sequel, Black Jack which I expect to be as intense and fast-paced as Ace of Hearts was for me.”

Tune in tomorrow as we follow Jean to her newest project “Coffee Confessions”


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