Jean Holloway Author Spotlight Week

Today we are taking a look at Jean’s blog. We are spotlighting Jean Holloway author of Ace of Hearts and Black Jack. Today, let’s take a look at her blog and see what she’s talking about.  She discusses her current events!

Before we end today’s blog…

Words from Jean

“It’s funny, I think of myself more as a horror fan when it comes to reading. I love the paranormal, but found that I’m drawn to thrillers. I love a book or movie that slaps me with a surprise I don’t see coming. I wanted my novels to portray a strong, yet vulnerable Black heroine. I think that came from all the Foxy Brown and Cleopatra Jones type movies of my youth. Funny, I didn’t even realize thrillers were going to be my forte until I started writing. I haven’t ventured off yet, but (and don’t laugh) I’d love to write a YA novel for my grand and great-grand children.”

Tune in tomorrow as we follow Jean on twitter


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