Jean Holloway Author Spotlight Week

Last week, we spent a week getting to know Toshia Shaw and following her around to all the hot spots of her life. This week we are spotlighting the veteran author, Jean Holloway. She is the author of Ace of Hearts and Black Jack. Black Jack was released this year. Jean has been featured on From A Writer’s POV several times this year and last year and she has future spotlights coming.

Today we are stopping by her author website.

I love how Jean’s author website represents the theme of her books. She gives details on future events, info on her books and much more!

Before we end today’s blog…

Words from Jean

“It all started on a bet with my sister, Lori. In 1980, she said “You read so much; I bet you could write a book.” I had to prove her right. I wrote the first draft in long hand, thanks to many days of sitting in the park. Remember, this was way before we all had PCs. Then she and I would stay late at her job while she typed it up. I completed Ace of Hearts in 1982. In 2004, Lori told me to get it off the shelf and see if it would fly and we’ve been flying ever since!”

Tune in tomorrow as we check out Jean’s Blog


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