Toshia Shaw Upcoming Author Spotlight Week

Many author’s first fan is their mother, father, best friend, brother, sister, etc. They read our work, push us to keep moving forward and being the best. Not every author has a fan site; a site dedicated to just those that love the author. So today as we continue to move forward in spotlighting the upcoming author Toshia Shaw, let’s look at her fan site: She features herself in videos, blogs and much more. Take a look!

Before we end today’s blog…

Words from Toshia

“My goal is to give a platform for those artists who have a story to tell. Those individuals who have stories to tell which will uplift, empower, and at the same time entertain. I will be ready to publish authors as of next year. I just want to publish a few more titles for myself first.

There is a sequel to High Stakes, and it will be available this same time next year. I am really excited to tell the readers what the girls have been up to!”

Tomorrow, let’s purchase the book!


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