Toshia Shaw Upcoming Author Spotlight Week

Toshia is itching for me to give her my review on High Stakes but I’m sorry, I just can’t do it yet. Toshia’s book “High Stakes” is Publisher’s Choice in the next few months and I can’t give out the review until then. But I will say, it’s a must read and if you haven’t purchased it yet, SHAME ON YOU! So let me give you a little info about the book and how to purchase it!

Shauna, Dawn, and Felicia are best friends who are bonded as partners in crime while trying to survive in Las Vegas, aka Sin City. Their friendship quickly begins to unravel when Dawns fiancé enters the picture. Although, happy for their friend, Shauna and Felicia quickly begin to question the validity of their friendship when they aren’t allowed into Dawn’s new picture perfect life. 

Desperate to keep her old lifestyle a secret from her fiancé, Dawn comes up with an elaborate scheme to make sure she weds him at any cost, but Jeffrey attends a bachelor party where he meets, and instantly falls for Shauna, and he and Dawn’s relationship is compromised. When dealing with matters of the heart, all bets are off. 

Felicia is caught in the middle, and when it proves too much, she goes against her better judgment and becomes lost in her own world where promiscuity and drug abuse become the major players in her life.

Each girl is dancing on the stage of uncertainty. When the curtains are drawn and the neon lights go dim, who will wind up with the standing ovation? High Stakes, sometimes when you gamble a little, you wind up losing it all.

Purchase this book: (type in Toshia Shaw)

and any place where books are sold. If it’s not in that place, please request it!


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