Toshia Shaw Upcoming Author Spotlight Week

This week, The POV Lounge is spending time giving back to the public. From A Writer’s POV picked two authors to spotlight and follow around. We encourage you to check out the links, read up on the authors and get to know them as well as purchase their great books.

This week, The POV Lounge is spotlighting Upcoming Author, Toshia Shaw. She is the author of High Stakes which was released this year. She’s been featured on our magazine and her book was Book of the Month for the June 2010 Edition. She has future spotlights coming up as well. Her book was also listed as our June read through our Book Blub Literary Page Turner. Lastly, her book High Stakes is up for a Publisher’s Choice review in the near future. Readers, get to know Toshia Shaw

Toshia Shaw is a writer hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada where she resides with her husband and two children. She holds a Bachelors degree in Human Services and is currently pursuing a Masters of Business Administration in Health Care Management.  When Toshia isn’t writing she loves to spend time with her family, and being involved in community activism. She is on the Executive Board of the Nevada Youth Alliance and she is the Executive Director of Purple Wings Organization; a non-profit directed at deterring at-risk young ladies from the sex industry of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Today’s spotlight on Toshia Shaw is her author website. Toshia is a new upcoming author. She’s just getting her feet wet in the literary field. Her website is calling, dynamic and breathe taking. With every click, it makes the reader want to know more about the author and more importantly about the book. Take a look:

Tomorrow, we will spotlight Toshia on twitter.

Before we end today’s blog….

Word’s from Toshia

“I decided to write High Stakes after living in Las Vegas, and seeing a different side to what was being shown in the media. The perception of what the real night life is for some women out here in Vegas was being ignored. It isn’t all what you see on the television.”


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